About Me

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Hello, my name is Matheus! I'm a Software Engineer from Brazil. I'm an open source contributor, I love music, games and creating programming languages.

You can find me online using the links in the footer. Cya!

Open source projects

Benchable (GitHub)

Benchable aims to make creating Ruby benchmarks easier.

Benchable.bench do
  setup do
    @array = (1..1000000).map { rand }

  bench 'sort' do

  bench 'sort!' do
# Output:
#                            user     system      total        real
# Sort                   0.400133   0.011995   0.412128 (  0.412339)
# Sort!                  0.388636   0.003980   0.392616 (  0.393054)

There are 4 benchmark types available: bm, bmbm, ips and memory.

EzAttributes (GitHub)

Easily define initializers with keyword args (in Ruby).

class User
  extend EzAttributes

  # Here name and age are required, and email has a default value, so it is optional.
  attributes :name, :age, email: 'guest@user.com'

user = User.new(name: 'Matz', age: 22)
# => #<User:0x000055bac152f130 @name="Matz", @age=22, @email="guest@user.com">

# EzAttributes will add getters for all fields too.
# => "Matz"

Lit lang (GitHub)

My first attempt at programming language design. Lit is a simple functional programming language.

Here's a sample of its (current) syntax:

let fib = fn { |n|
  if (n < 2) { return n; }

  return fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2);

let n = gets();

puts("The # {n} fibonacci number is {fib(n)}")