May 07, 2019 | 1 minute read | ✍🏼 Edit this page

Hello world everyone! I’m Matheus Richard, a Software Engineering undergraduated student at UnB (Brazil). I’m an open source developer, I love music and my newfound passion is game development.

This is my personal blog, where I’ll share my experiences, things and lessons I’ve learned, and all sort of cool stuff. I believe that teaching is a great way to learn too, so this is a two-way learning process, right?

Besides that, this will be a way to track my evolution as a developer (and as a writer ;D).

I’m living a great time in my life, so there are many cool things happening at the same time. I’m currently working on my first game, I just got accepted on GSoC 2019 and I’m making a simple pascal compiler, to mention a few of them (I’ll update all this links when I post something about them, so stay tunned!).

My intent is to share a bit of what I’ve learned on those things, and I hope this blog helps you! Have fun!

P.S.: You can find me on social media through the links in the footer. Get in touch!